Interior Design

From Interior to Exterior

For us interior design incorporates numerous tasks: Learning and playing spaces, sales presentation, working places and functional processes, representation and exhibition, living and housing are all topics we focus with dedication down to the detail. The relationship to the surroundings, the exterior, the landscape, the garden, the street, plays an important role for the inhabitation of interior spaces. Lighting atmosphere, dimensions of spaces, materials and room atmosphere unconsciously contribute to our well-being.

We provide you with architecture and interior design from a single source. In our work we have a strong emphasize on small scales – the interior space. It’s the sphere which directly links to the human being. Out of marketing concepts, functional processes, requests, needs and requirements we generate aestehtic solutions that develope the overall concept to the very detail. Within interior design we enjoy working with graphic designers. Fonts and illustrations in space act as a level of information und atmospheric design. The translation of Corporate Identities into space. Figures supporting themes. Architecture as mediator of identity and recognition.