Process Support

Project related Process Support

Together with you as a client we reconsider your intentions and ideas. In a very structured approach we guide you to those imaginations that help you making decisions.

You are responsible for the planning of a public institution, a museum, a social institution or a kindergarten. You are a mayor and intend to develop a new town centre, together with you we plan through an intensive basic evaluation in a very specific manner which helps you save time, costs and offense. Architecture and planning as a result bring pleasure, you and your requests experience high appreciation.

Apart from the client, the participation of the essential interest groups is an inherent part of our planning process. The recognition of needs and experiences build the basis of our design work. Through the participation of significant people possible objections are already resolved in a preliminary stage. A good foundation work prevents from delays, confrontation, inconveniencies and an uncontrolled cost development. High user-satisfaction and identification signify sustainability.

For communities participation is neither luxury nor necessary evil. Today participiation is of paramount importance.