Social Architecture

Building with social background

Building for childern, young people, families, elderly people, associations, people in need of care. We value the importance to carefully pay attention to the needs and perceptions of particular groups of people.

Meeting childrens perceptions. Giving them new spatial experiences. Spaces they are not familiar with from home, spaces they can conquer. To support the child’s development through a wide range of different spaces. To discover spaces. This is truly a pleasure.

The work with young people, enabling them to articulate their needs and wishes often leads to suprising results. Topics are raised from the users experiences. A wonderful introduction into a project.

Social Housing and communal housing projects with thematic focuses offer us the possibility to let many people be part of the added value of the design. Careful planning and materialisation create an unconscious esteem for one’s environment and ensure a thoughtful interaction of all users. Architecture is communication. Architecture creates possibilites for a more intensive cooperation.

Elderly people and people in need of care are particularly dependent on their environment and have high requirements on their surrounding to being able to stay mobile and despite their restrictions feeling as safe as possible. Completely new demands arise from their particular perception and biography. We see great importance in understanding these circumstances and to further go into this.

In associations people get involved as volunteers. Offering them an appropriate framwork and harmonising various demands of different people is a responsible task for us.