Kid´s World Shoppingcenter CentrO
Oberhausen/Germany, 2017

Heike Schlauch raumhochrosen

In Europe’s largest shopping center, CentrO Oberhausen, children can go on a journey of discovery in an oversized natural landscape according to the motto “Nature on the Trail”. The 700 square meter world of experience offers children from 3 to 11 years space to move, climb and hide. By the way, they can playfully expand their knowledge and become curious about new topics.

Fun and action in the open playground with additional childcare offer

A family shopping experience that will last a long time! Parents will find a place to stay in the new Centrolino, while the children explore the kid´s world from different sites. A climbing net, an ants climbing rack and a bird nest are just some of the possible stations.

Discover the world with all your senses! This is particularly true for the smallest visitors. A babyarea located below the second level is protective, low-leveled, and equipped with soft-play modules.

Hands On! A multifunctional area, equipped with a surrounding bench and tables, can be separated as a supervised area or converted into an event area.

Ravensburger Freizeit- und Promotion GmbH: Sandra Schneckenburger, Mirko Bandlow

Design and Planning: Heike Schlauch raumhochrosen, Team: Heike Schlauch, Andreas Litschauer,
Consultancy Space Energy und Space Education: Dasi Grohmann

Graphics: Stefanie Grewe

Joinery work: Hasso Jahns, Wolfgang Zäschke

Steel Construction: STS Stahlbau, Paul Wilhelmy, Axel Ludwig

Lighting Design: Dieter Heuberger

Photographie: Albrecht Imanuel Schnabel