Energysupply Latschau/Austria

Heike Schlauch raumhochrosen
with Arch. Christoph Eppacher

An innovative local heating supply system for Latschau

An exciting overall concept supplies heat and cold for a new hotel and many private customers in Latschau in the municipality of Tschagguns. This creates completely new ways of working together and creating value.
In addition to the tourist impulses from the first 5-star family hotel, illwerke vkw in the Montafon is promoting a sustainable, efficient and innovative energy supply for the hotel, the adjacent employee house and the surrounding scattered settlement, including the Latschau elementary school.
Two essential system components ensure reliable heat in Latschau in the future: a large heat pump makes use of the waste heat from the neighboring Lünersee plant and a biomass plant that is used with its natural raw materials, especially in the cold season.

Client: illwerke vkw AG, Team: Michael Heubuch (PL), Johannes Schmidler

Planning: Heike Schlauch raumhochrosen with Arch. Christoph Eppacher

Statics: Brugger Ingenieuere

Physics: Lothar Künz

Rendering Reflexiv