Opening Ceremony Fire Station Hohenweiler

9th of June 2019

Heike Schlauch raumhochrosen

Heike Schlauch at her speech at the opening ceremony:

“…. The project has shown once again that a broad and intensive participation of users, which goes far beyond the usual level in a public architectural project, is the way for us to reach our goal. One goal is to build a functionally excellent building and therefore the firefighters are simply indispensable in their expertise of how they want to use the building individually, beyond all written space-allocation. Another goal is to achieve a high level of satisfaction, what was successfully done, because we made most of the decisions together. Participating as a user, as a citizen, as a human in the decision-making process creates self-efficacy.The human being getting to know about it, that he/she can make something of his own.This gives sense and motivation to his/her work. Is there anything more meaningful, than to give more meaning and motivation to voluntary work and taking care to provide good conditions for their commitment? That in turn gives us as architects immense sense and motivation.”

We wish the very best to the local fire brigade of Hohenweiler in their new building and may they return safely from all their operations.

Photography: Albrecht Imanuel Schnabel