Lindau 2024

Lectures at the 'Architekturtage Bayern'
Lindau/Germany, 2004

raumhochrosen – Heike Schlauch and Robert Fabach with XLindauschooL e.V. Iris Kellner

Lindau 2024
Visions for the island with / without trainstation

As part of the 2nd Architecture Week 2004 in Bavaria it succeed one more time to use the former Research Institute of Felix Wankel in Lindau.

Keynote speeches about current topics of urban development of Lindau started the discussion about it. In total 80 people participated in the event.

All around the trainstation could start pioneering at the island.
The expansion of the conference location, cultural and education buildings, housing?
How can Lindau act in this region?
Or should everything remain as it is?