a project for 'KunstVorarlberg'

raumhochrosen – Heike Schlauch and Robert Fabach
Tobias Maximilian Schnell

The concept of temporary exhibitions in the Kunst.Box in the Church Street in Bregenz should continue in the form of a mobile box that contributes art to public spaces in villages or towns for the duration of one year.

In order to implement, there are two concepts:

The glass box – the galery in a nutshell
The references to the location-based predecessor showcase in proportion and materialization. It includes a large ‘exhibition area’ and an end niche. An LED lighted ceiling contributes an attractive situation at night. Plinth and roof collar offer seats and stay in the urban space. They make the a street furniture.
Concept / design: raumhochrosen

The caravan – the mobile vehicle
In a converted or emptied caravan openings are transparently designed and cut out new openings. The vam, a strange subject in the urban space, attracts attention, attracts the curious. There is art to be discovered within.
He is roadworthy and can move from place to place in no time.
Concept / design: Tobias Maximilian Schnell

Rendering: Robert Fabach

Sketches: Tobias Maximilian Schnell