Redesigning Gemüsemarkt

Redesign of a public square in the historic city
Bludenz/Austria, 2012

raumhochrosen – Heike Schlauch and Robert Fabach

In the historic center of Bludenz, at the connection between two roads the urban space of the “Gemüsemarkt” was redesigned and became accessible for handicaped. A newly builded shopping mall closes again the southern front of the place. The new square creates a framing for the entrance and leads directly to the new shopping mall of the “Kronenhaus.. A landscape of staircases with an integrated ramp creates a barrier-free overcoming of different levels and divides it in to areas. The upper level with new seating and a new lighting concept remains free of traffic and preserves the shading trees. Attractive seat steps form the view and the transition to the lower area, leading to the mall and to an access for the delivery traffic.

Planning and Design: raumhochrosen – Heike Schlauch and Robert Fabach
Team: Heike Schlauch, Robert Fabach, Christoph Gilhaus, Anna Böhler, Anna Edthofer

Photography: Albrecht Imanuel Schnabel