Construction site for kids, werkraum bregenzerwald

Idea, Concept and Design of an eventpackage
Andelsbuch/Austria, 2005

raumhochrosen – Heike Schlauch

With the construction site for kids children aged from 5 to 12 years get the opportunity to attend five different stations to experience different materials in comparison with each other and to get to know their different natures.

EARTH WORKSHOP sand, clay and brick
WOOD WORKSHOP woodwork and shingles
BEAMHOUSE installation of piping

invite the kids to try playfully there own motoric skills.
Instructions in basic artisanal techniques and the use of various tools lead the children into elementary craftsmen´s activities.

The construction site for kids arose from the desire to share the fascination of crafts with children and adolescents already at the earliest possible age and to offer them playful ways to put there hands on.

With children’s and youth activities the werkraum bregenzerwald anchors the possibility of a craftsman´s career as an equivalent professional decision. The artisanate has keen interest to attract dedicated young talents in order to maintain the high quality level they have already reached.

The construction site for kids serves as a care taking facility and can be borrowed from private people also.

Client: werkraum bregenzerwald: Anton Mohr, Peter Fink

Photography: Klocker