Romans, Alamans, Christians - The Early Middle Age at Lake Constance

Exhibition Design
vorarlberg museum
Bregenz/Austria, 2014

6 Dezember 2014 until 19 April 2015

The travelling exhibition is an international cooperation of archeological specialist departments and museums around Lake Constance. It highlights the Early Middle Ages in the region of Lake Constance between the 3rd and 8th century.
For the exhibition at ‘vorarlberg museum’ the exhibition elements were adapted artistically, brought into a new order and complemented. The information points were developed in a close cooperation with graphic designers and cultural mediators of the museum. The few finds which make it a hardly accessible topic should especially be brought closer to young visitors through learning by doing.

The period between the 3rd and the 8th century has brought numerous changes for the people at Lake Constance: The Romans withdrew from today’s south-west Germany. Germanic settlers of various origins took over and united here to Alemanni. After their surrender to the Franks in the beginning of the 6th century the duchy of Alemanni was created through the slow establishment of the Christianity with the bishop’s see in Constance. Various finds thereunder precious objects in gold from countries bordering the lake deliver new results regarding the history of settlement and economy, crafts, life and death in the exciting Early Middle Ages.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue.

Museum für Archäologie des Kantons Thurgau/ CH
Amt für Archäologie Thurgau/ CH
Archäologisches Landesmuseum Baden-Württemberg, Konstanz/ D
Kreisarchäologie Konstanz/ D
Regierungspräsidium Referat 26-Denkmalpflege, Baden-Württemberg/ D
Landesarchäologie Fürstentum Liechtenstein/ FL
Kantonsarchäologie St. Gallen/ CH
vorarlberg museum Bregenz/ A

Design and scheme: Heike Schlauch – raumhochrosen
Team: Heike Schlauch, Andreas Litschauer, Anna Böhler

vorarlberg museum: Dr. Gerhard Grabher, Dr. Theresia Anwander, Dr. Andreas Rudigier, Heike Vogel, Rainer Wilde and Team

Lighting design: atelier de luxe – Silvi Hoidis, Daniel Zerlang

Graphic design: Verena Petrasch und das Grafikdesign

Construction: Hubert Steinhauser, Jürgen Raid