Foyer Vorarlberger Museumswelt

Interior Design
Frastanz/Austria, 2013

Heike Schlauch raumhochrosen

‘Vorarlberger Museumswelt’ consists of seven museums in one location.
Fire engine Museum, Vorarlberger Hunting Museum, Electronic Museum, Phonography Museum, Tobacco Museum, Rescue Museum, Photo and Filmmuseum. A shared foyer is the starting point.

The foyer in the first floor of the main building
One component in the realisation of the ‚Vorarlberger Museumswelt’ is the accomodation of the foyer in the first floor of an extension to the old refurbished factory building of the 19th century. 70m2 welcome the visitors and lead on to the following exhibitons.

Team: Heike Schlauch, Anna Edthofer

Photography: Albrecht Imanuel Schnabel