aha - Tipps and Information for Young People

Renovation of the youth information center aha
Dornbirn/Austria, 2007

raumhochrosen – Heike Schlauch and Robert Fabach

What we found was a Youth-information-center on an ideal spot near the main station of Dornbirn, that has been grown out of his initial setting.

Intensive dialog with the user – workshop with youth and collaborators
Therefore we started with an intense dialog with the user. Essential for us was the recognizable renewal of the general design. Three spatial and interwoven loops created a positive visual mood and soft but stimulating colour-background. Various spheres with different expression were the result. Fresh and ice-blue at the windows towards the street and green-yellow for concentration towards the garden that reaches to the consultation desk. Entrance and acitve information desk are based on an orange-red loop. The strong colours provide a unifying background for the great variety of flyers and info-material. Various themes of mobility for the furniture make a mood of change: Details like motorcycle-footrests or container-plywood or a landscape like table.
The flash-effect in front of the locationwas made by a wide cantilevering plate. Continuing the reed loop outside with the logo it captures the bypassers and the visitors.

Photography: Bruno Klomfar