Architecture and School

Participatory workshops for kids on space and architecture
since 2000

raumhochrosen – Heike Schlauch with Katja Gögl

Design competence as a learning objective

In addition to social and legal factors, that are sourrounding the children, the spatial conditions play an essential role in their life and development.

We concentrate on the playful ‘processing’ of projects with children and adolescents also in the interdisciplinary context and the ‘processing’ of the information gained from them.

Several stages of the project provide opportunities in our workshops to get to know one’s own environment and the criterias that determine it. Spatial discoveries and architectural experiences can be made by different medias: Linguistic descriptions out of the memory or fantasy; 2D drawings; 3D model buildings in different scales (houses, city models); 1: 1 – on-site experience, field trips; as well as an artistic realization.

The complex contact with the world of space expands the senses and releases creative forces. The ‘experience’ of space promotes attention and differentiation for the surroundings.

The learning about spatial perception is a contribution to sustainable, attractive education by sensory perception and the ‘instruments’ of architecture. According to our experience, ‘experiences in space’ are an important prerequisite for ‘understanding’ and actively ‘shaping’ one’s own world.

Photography: Heike Schlauch and Katja Gögl